Jan 5, 2021 • 1HR 2M

#3: Diversity, Gender Discrimination, Women in Tech - Yasemin Alpay

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Candost Dagdeviren
Software World Podcast uncovers journeys of people and software systems. I sometimes interview the uncelebrated (or famous) experts or sometimes talk alone about a topic I'm researching or thinking about.
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My guest was Yasemin Alpay. She works as a Senior Backend Engineer at Bonial.com. We discussed one of the essential topics - diversity and gender discrimination in Tech. We focused on the diversity problems in the software world. Why do women (and non-men genders) struggle to receive the credit? What makes a woman's work-life hard?

We talked about  

  • What is discrimination? 

  • Why are we bad at diversity in tech? 

  • Is the entry barrier high? 

  • What is the glass-ceiling effect? 

  • What is harassment at work? 

  • Does discrimination happen only to gender?

and many more! 

 "If your team has a culture of chest-thumping and yelling and screaming at one another, the only people you'll attract (and retain) are aggressive types who feel right at home in this environment composed of strong individual egos (in fact, most of the women we know find this kind of environment especially off-putting)." - Fitzpatrick & Collins-Sussman (Debugging Teams)