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Trailer: Season #3

Trailer: Season #3

Software World opens its doors to season number three.

After a season break, we're back with new content coming to your ears.

As usual, the new episodes will arrive every second week on Tuesdays.

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Head to the trailer to listen to what's coming in this season!


[00:00:00] Candost: Hello everyone! And welcome back to the Software World with Candost, season number three.

[00:00:34] It's been a while and I'm so excited to start a new season because this season will be a bit different. In this season, I'm going to talk about different topics; sometimes alone, sometimes with guests.

[00:00:49] So I took a bit of break because I like to have seasonal breaks in this podcast. Because it gives me a bit of time to reflect on what I like to do more, and what I like to do less.

[00:01:03] During this time, I keep writing things on my blog but at the same time, I keep thinking about the next topics and next episodes of this podcast. So the first two seasons were really a blast for me. in the first season, actually, everything was a live stream. If you listen to this podcast's first season, it's the recordings of the live streams. In the second season, it became a real podcast, where I recorded everything and then edited the episodes, and then published them later. So, they were not live sessions. This season, I'm going to continue in that direction and it will be just pure podcast, which will be available on various platforms. But this time you will hear me more talking alone. So what are the topics that we are going to cover this season?

[00:01:58] In this season, we are going to start with problem-solving and solution presentation. We are going to tackle a few architectural characteristics, which I deem the most famous or the important ones, which are scalability, reliability, and maintainability. And then we're going to switch gears a little bit and we're going to talk about feedback. Then we are going to talk a bit more about architecture. But this time, we will focus on purely microservices architecture. And we are going to talk about monoliths. We're going to talk about general things about microservices architecture.

[00:02:35] And at the same time, they are going to talk about visualizing software architecture.

[00:02:40] Also in this season, we are going to talk about other personal skills, like soft skills so-called, for example, coaching, mentoring, and other related skills.

[00:02:51] So they're going to mix things out of the bits here while not purely focusing on the technical side because software engineering is not only technical. Software engineering is a discipline, which involves many, many different things. So they're gonna continue mixing things up and try to cover the whole software world as to how we experience it. So I'm really, really looking forward to hearing from you as well. If you have any suggestions, please, write me on Twitter or on Polywork. You can always contact me from my blog, which is, C A N D O S And as always, all episodes will be published on my blog and you can either follow in any podcasting tool that's listed on my blog, such as Apple, Spotify, Overcast, or any other ones, or you can also subscribe to the RSS feed, or subscribe to the newsletter to get all the new podcast episodes on your email.

[00:04:01] So I'm really looking forward to this season and talking to you soon.

Mediations with Candost
Software World with Candost
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